Usable air bridges soon?

  • Let me see what problems aerofly FS faces at present (urban lighting, airport taxi lights, new building documents in Europe and the United States, terrain clarity adjustment in northern and southern Europe, engine rotation simulation and sound simulation, high interactive cockpit, Android lighting simulation and airport building improvement), long-term planning: weather system, planning Airport internal route, ground service system (corridor bridge), ATC and multiplayer games

  • The movement of the corridor bridge needs to be adjusted by dismantling the model. It also needs to face whether aircraft of different sizes can accurately align with the hatch. The airport berth guidance system also needs to cooperate with the ground sign line. Some simulated flight games can achieve this, which may be related to the networking of the whole process, and the data interaction can be adjusted. Aerofly is a offline game. How to make the correct adjustment in the offline state is the most important. According to the current progress, it will not be lower than 2022. Before that, there are still many things to be completed