Instrument landing & VOR on iPad

  • I have Aerofly 2 on the iPad.

    When I set up a flight plan with the Cessna, using VORs and ILS landing runways the the heading indicator, localiser and glide slope indicators on the cockpit panel remain static during flight and landing. All the other indicators are active.

    Is it not possible to manually fly the glide slope/localiser or does it only work in copilot. (I am used to Microsoft Flight Sim so I may be asking too much of the app.)

    Have I missed some setup steps - or is this only available in later versions?

  • Thank you for replying. Forgive me but I don't see how to do that on the iPad version.

    There is an option in settings to show guides (which gives green squares to follow) but the glide slope indicator is still inactive.

    Can you outline the steps to do what you suggest on the iPad?

    Thank you.

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    We have a tutorial on ILS approaches over here:

    In the app itself on the main menu you can see a button for cockpit interaction. Visit that menu to familiarize yourself with the touch controls in Aerofly FS.

    Do the following steps

    • Tap on the OBS1 knob to display the green ring for that knob
    • Touch the ring and rotate your finger around the knob to turn it
    • Set your approach course
    • Tap on the NAV1 standby adjustment knob
    • Rotate the outer ring for the large knob and the small ring for the small increment knob
    • Push the swap button by tapping on it

    The frequency you set should then be shown in the left active side and the needles should move when you flying towards the runway within about 20 NM on the approach end. If only the glide slope is not moving then try a different approach and please tell us which one was broken so we can take a look at it.

    If that doesn't work please go to the settings, then assistance options and turn the Auto-Tuning function on or off.

    With the assistance turned on the course and frequency are set for you. When you have a route with an ILS approach set up it will try and tune that. If you have no route it will try and tune an ILS for the runway you are currently flying towards.

    With assistance turned off it's all manual unless you turn on the copilot and let it perform the landing for you.

  • Thanks for the detailed reply, but my app doesn’t seem to have the options you reference and the tutorial appears to be for the desktop version (though I stand to be corrected.)

    I’ve attached screenshots of my settings pages and the flight screen ready for takeoff if that helps at all.

    It’s still a great app - which I enjoy playing.


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    The assistance for auto tuning is a feature which set the radio frequencies and course automatically for you. For example it can tune a VOR station or tune an ILS automatically for you so that you don't need to interact with the cockpit at all to see the ILS needles in the cockpit.

    Modern airliners have auto-tuning built like in the real world but aircraft like the Cessna 172 don't have that and thus needs this assistance feature for automatic tuning.