HELP - Setup Spektrum DX6i and Aerofly RC8

  • I'm having trouble getting my Spektrum DX6i configured in Aerofly RC8. I have no problems with my Spektrum DX18 but I don't want to use my main radio for the wear and tear that will come from using it with Aerofly.

    The problem with my DX6i is that the rudder channel is not recognized by Aerofly RC8. The other channels seem to work ok.

    I have all the Ikarus USB dongle and all the cables and interfaces. These all work fine with the DX18 so I don't think there is an issue there. I searched the forums and found mostly ancient posts that are not relevant to Aerofly RC8. There was one post from a few years ago that was the same exact issue. They were able to make a work around using something called "ControllerMate". I looked into that but it looks too complicated for me to make heads or tails of it.

    I'm running on a 2021 Macbook Air with MacOS 11.6 Big Sur

    Thanks in advance for any help.