• Sorry ;( to be less than enthusiastic but the apparent rotation (frame rates and rotation intervals can make props ‘turn backwards’ in real video) of fans, the airliner detailed interiors and the precise dangle angle of wheel bogies are as nothing compared to yet to be implemented outstanding corrections on the instrument panels, the part of the sim that makes it a flight simulator, the core working feature of real training simulators.

    Our dear developer friends have yet to acknowledge imperfection with the Cessna ADF card which is stuck at 090 degrees with the adjustment bug knob missing.

    Perhaps the fundamental error in the Corsair and P-38 directional gyros and whiskey/unslaved compasses is so major, was alerted-to so late and is so hard to correct that the chosen solution is to ignore it and hope it can be overlooked.

    Jeff replied some years ago that the Aerofly compasses were more or less perfect (the heading bug knob on the Corsair vertical compass rotates the compass [as if it is a directional gyro], the directional gyros dance and wobble as if they are whiskey compasses, the vertical compasses are rock steady and show no delay or liveliness turning through north or south and the directional gyros do just that as if they were compasses) perhaps without really grasping the post’s point. The compass animation is thoroughly excellent, best in a compass though.

    The recent ThomK (!) ‘Cessna Bug’ post about the Cessna ADF card was not acknowledged, my posts about those 1940s compasses and directional gyros being miss-identified (even with E-bay sales pics of the individual vintage instruments and with period labelled cockpit diagrams) and more importantly operating incorrectly were not acknowledged.

    Saying something like we know but cannot do anything about it is much better than saying nothing.

    The turning in the wrong direction Baron directional gyro in original iOS FS was not acknowledged, it is still there today.

    Please indulge this moan, I 100% support Aerofly and the developers and buy nearly every sim and add-on they and partners release and I post wholesome recommendations in the app shop reviews, I only bring up correction or improvement suggestions hoping to see Aerofly getting better and being more competitive.

    Could FS4 see the lost ADF card adjustment knob being fitted?🥲

  • I recently flipped the engine rotation direction on the 787, I'm not 100% sure if that change is already included in the latest version.

    Due to stroboscopic effects the rotation direction may appear wrong at certain rotation speeds. As engine fan speed changes the direction may appear to flip but that doesn't mean it's rotating the wrong way. If you start the engines from cold and dark or when you stop them on the ground then you'll be able to tell the actual rotation direction.

    The RMI in the Cessna 172 stopped rotating at some point. We've been able to fix this, thanks for the reports.

    We're looking into the compasses on the Corsair and P38.

  • No Jan, I looked at a lot of 1040s videos on YouTube and found nothing. I remember an article in Flying magazine from about 30 years ago and the gist of it was that vertical compasses had significant extra lag from the linkage converting horizontal to vertical movement. I’d expect them to be less precise but aircraft vibration should largely settle the indicator if a steady heading was held for a few moments.

    British vintage planes had a sort of nautical ‘binnacle’ at the base of the panel, German planes must have had a unique design too.

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    The best I found was this blurred half view of a vertical compass in a Learjet. I checked a Learjet pilot’s manual and it referred to the magnetic compass use with heading indication system failure and the video shows the two brass compass swinging screws at the base of the unit leading to where the horizontal component would be expected (so it is not a slaved display fed from a remote wingtip flux detector and transmitter (like the inner unit in the P-38, between the labelled magnetic compass and the direction indicator window, it should keep the current Aerofly behaviour 😀)).

    Time 0:35 to 0:48 is a turn on the runway. Time 2:15 onwards is an inflight right turn showing considerable reluctance to rotate with the turn, it might have been turning through north? it started moving near the end. The compass card rotation can just be discerned.

    YouTube videos in Learjets usually don’t include the upper windscreen and it seems that those that do have conventional horizontal compasses!