Aerofly 2022 & 2023

  • I love Aerofly and I’m getting a little concerned. It truly is a great sim. Kudos to the developers. I’ve bought every version since it came out. Please let us know if we are going to get another IOS update. Why? Because we are 3 months in. In 3 months time we will be 6 months in. Then I’m guessing you will have started working on Aerofly 2023. (Which I’m already looking forward to buying.)

    Please manage our expectations. Will we get another update in the next few weeks/months? How many updates (if any) can we expect this year?

  • I'm not sure when. Look at this excellent saying. Four months ago, they described a delicious cake to PC players. Four months later, PC players are still facing the delicious fantasy. After a whole year, players get a basically completed map, and then others tell me: we're not sure when to fix batch errors. Uncertainty will give people an imagination and expectation. It's not fun to use it frequently as a excuse