Aerofly FS 2022 Problems and Solutions Android

  • Hi Developers.

    1. I would like them to fix the landing gear problem on the 777-300 er that when bounced on landing the landing gear does not return to its position as it did on the aerofly FS 2020.

    2. I wonder how they are doing with the functional lights.

    3. The main landing gear tires on the A380 some don't rotate on landing and I don't even apply the brake at full throttle. 

    4. I would like to know what plane will come if you don't know I keep my suggestion of the MD11, 737Max10. 

    5. The sound of the 787 is beautiful congratulations, the 777-300er is the same but with a higher pitch I would like it to be implemented.

    6. Good job with the a320, the sounds are beautiful. I would like them to be the same for all commercial aircraft in the simulator.

    7. Think about putting on weight and lowering yourself into the simulator in the future.