BUGs in the Game and Expectations for the Game.

  • BUG Feedback Post

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)


    I am an aviation enthusiast and have been playing Aerofly for a long time. Since AF2022 has just been released, I decided to post in this post some in-game bugs I found after playing for so long

    Screenshot_2022-03-20-00-24-02-434_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-12-21-02-35-967_com.excean.gspace

    1.Map error

    Most of the maps in the game are made up of maps compressed from satellite photos, but some of the maps do not display properly in the game, resulting in some places only the airport model without the ground, which is a serious problem! At the same time, the clipping track of some maps is too serious, it seems to lose the realism of flight simulation, hope this BUG can be fixed soon!

    BUG Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-14-31-476_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-13-40-082_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-50-38-575_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-45-18-804_com.excean.gspace

    2.Volume cloud error

    When you fly the plane over the North Pole, although you only set up a few clouds, there will be a lot of volume clouds in the sky when you enter the game. First of all, this is not scientific. The arctic is an area with a lot of cold air, and there should not be a lot of air clouds. As a result, players must close the volume cloud over the North Pole to have a better experience. Hope to fix this BUG soon!

    Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-45-50-116_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-45-43-003_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-45-38-193_com.excean.gspace

    3.Shadow error

    When the sun is below the horizon, the direction of the shadow will be opposite to the direction of the light. This phenomenon is not consistent with science. I hope the authorities fix this BUG as soon as possible.


    4.PAPI directive error

    (several versions BUG)

    This BUG is several versions old, Why hasn't it been fixed yet? When the plane is on a normal glide path, PAPI lights should be two white and two red, but I just looked at the PAPI lights with three white and one red, and this BUG still exists from 2019 to 2022! If you really know how PAPI works, fix the BUG!



    5.Airport navigation and ILS data error

    I found that the Navigation data of some airports, such as EDDB, does not exist in the game, so I cannot input it into the air route, even if the game comes with the Navigation page! In addition, the names of airport approach and departure procedures are often not consistent with the real navigation chart, which I cannot understand. Why AF does not directly use the real navigation data for aircraft navigation? Some airports approach glide path needs to be modified, such as the famous London City airport, the flight should be at 5.5 degrees glide path for an exciting approach, but the game has no reduction gradient glide path, hope the official will soon improve game of ILS and navigation data (part of the airport runway ILS is not on the runway center line, If you notice it, fix it as soon as possible.)


    Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-12-24-330_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-04-41-57-760_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-04-42-01-473_com.excean.gspace

    6.Error with Cessna 172SP

    The sound of cooling fan can be heard when the plane turns on the battery switch and electronic device switch. Hope the authorities can improve quickly! The DIM position of the warning indicator does not work when pressed. Hope it can be fixed.

    Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-05-28-343_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-03-06-12-529_com.excean.gspace

    7.Error with Dash8 Q400

    HUD of aircraft keeps showing information when the plane is not powered, this low-level BUG is recommended to be fixed (A380 and B787 do not have this problem)


    8.A380's BUG

    The A380 freezes and loses frames when the main landing gear hits the ground. Is the spoiler and automatic braking logic taking up a lot of computing power on the phone? (still need to wait for the official answer) Hope to try to solve this problem.

    Screenshot_2022-03-20-04-11-03-240_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-20-04-11-52-369_com.excean.gspace

    I will update this post for a long time, please pay more attention to it!


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  • Thanks for the bug reports. Most of them come down to "just not implemented yet".

    - The available aerial images in Europe are a mess. The artefacts that you see are in the original images that we got and it takes a long time to fix these by hand.

    - We are using an old nav database, the new ones are just too expensive.

    - PAPIs work correctly, what exactly do you consider a bug with them? Sometimes their position or angle are not set correctly but they should indicated a proper 3 degree glide path. Keep in mind that PAPI and ILS are not always aligned in the real world either!

  • Thanks for the bug reports. Most of them come down to "just not implemented yet".

    - The available aerial images in Europe are a mess. The artefacts that you see are in the original images that we got and it takes a long time to fix these by hand.

    - We are using an old nav database, the new ones are just too expensive.

    - PAPIs work correctly, what exactly do you consider a bug with them? Sometimes their position or angle are not set correctly but they should indicated a proper 3 degree glide path. Keep in mind that PAPI and ILS are not always aligned in the real world either!

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) No, PAPI must have a mistake, and it only appears on the mobile side of the game! As you can see from my screenshots, PAPI indicator is three white and one red when you are on glide path 3, even if you use ILS approach, the result is the same. The glide path indicated by two white and two red signals is about 2.5 degrees. If PAPI does not show any error according to what you said, there must be something wrong with the placement Angle of modeling. So please fix it, this problem has been happening on mobile for a long time! The full name of PAPI is "Precision Approach Path Indicator", which is used to guide aircraft to Approach at the correct Angle. Different runways correspond to PAPI glide Path which is different at about 3 degrees (the specific Angle will be mentioned in the details of airport navigation chart). Generally speaking, the glide path indicated by PAPI coincides with that of ILS, and any error is a small probability event. I hope you can treat this problem with a serious and rigorous attitude!

    Screenshot_2022-03-26-21-54-31-450_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-26-13-25-21-903_com.excean.gspace


  • The code for the PAPIs works correctly. The issues that you are seeing are the result of the scenery designers not setting the position and PAPI glide angle correctly or the ILS glide slope is not at the correct height (antenna not at right ground height)

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) If it's a scene problem, I hope you can fix it as soon as possible. It's been in the mobile version for a long time. This has been a problem since the AF 2019!


  • Game Expectations Post

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I have a few questions about Aerofly FS 2022:

    1. Will you add more countries to the game in version 2022? Like Florida and New York.

    2. In the existing landscapes, will you add city buildings and street lights to places like Paris and Berlin?




    Adding city buildings makes the landscape more vivid and gives the player the feeling that they are actually in the city. Adding street lights makes the night scene of the game the most powerful on mobile. Coupled with the high rendering ability of the game can have a good picture performance, which is a key to attract more non-professional flying players into the pit game. It also allows your game to make waves outside of the flying circle. Like "Wow! This game has amazing graphics quality ", "graphics card killer on your phone" etc. The advantage of mobile games is that you can experience what you want to experience anytime and anywhere, especially in different countries. Instead of spending hours flying from one area to another. The game becomes too niche, with fewer players willing to pay. You need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your game's reach. Instead of doing what you want in a closed circle!

    Screenshot_2022-04-16-17-13-51-577_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-03-30-16-43-43-617_com.excean.gspace

    If that makes sense to you, let me give you a few more tips on how to make a game:

    1. More Settings need to be added to the game's picture quality Settings, such as real-time lighting, real-time shadows, anti-aliasing, terrain loading distance switches. Let players choose the quality of the image they want to experience, rather than being forever limited by the capabilities of their phone. For example, I want to load the map at a smaller distance to improve the loading performance on model accuracy.



    2. If large-scale buildings are added to cities. Please use more hollow map modeling. Don't let your phone load a lot of elaborate modeling. The number of tile-only buildings that the phone can load with the same performance will be much higher than the number of fully detailed buildings.


    3. Update the same version of the game for a long time. New landscapes are constantly introduced and packaged into small areas for DLC sales. It also allows players to delete unwanted landscapes. This saves a lot of space on your phone. Some players just want to fly in their favorite country, it doesn't matter if it's possible elsewhere. So a more detailed landscape and a suitable storage space occupancy is more suitable for mobile games. At the same time, players are willing to spend money to buy more landscapes to enrich their game map.:love:

    Screenshot_2022-04-04-11-39-52-614_com.excean.gspace Screenshot_2022-04-02-23-47-16-624_com.excean.gspace

    I know your production team may not be big enough to implement every one of these suggestions. You've been making Aerofly FS for a long time, and I saw someone in a 2018 video claim that your game had the best graphics of any flying game at the time. But since the advent of MFS2020 and XP12, AF has been on the fringe in the eyes of aviation enthusiasts. It's not just that your production team may not be as competent as they are, it's that you didn't plan the game and didn't figure out a path for it to take. The lack of plugins to develop ground handling and air traffic control and more specialized models is your biggest weakness. And you don't want this problem solved right away. The fact that your navigation data isn't up to date suggests that you're probably strapped for cash, but if a professional flying enthusiast saw this do you think he'd want to buy your game? If you don't have the money will you be able to attract more flying enthusiasts? This is a question worth pondering!


    But look at what's good about your game and what users are looking for in the market right now. Play to your strengths and make up for your weaknesses. This is what a smart development team should do!

    Finally, a polite word -- hope your game gets better and better!;)


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  • This is exactly what I'm thinking! Very well said, I hope IPACS will count these suggestions!



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  • It's not like giving feedback on mistakes and suggestions, but using a special tone to teach manufacturers to make games,You just restated your wishes comprehensively. You want to customize your own needs. He wants to customize his own country map. There are tens of thousands of players in this game. Does everyone have to make suggestions according to their own needs like you? Making global map is the trend of all simulation flight software, and it is also a stage that must be experienced, In this process, you need to sacrifice most of the details to pursue integrity and device stability. In addition, who provides detailed map data for developers to use for commercial payment? Do you intend to persuade Microsoft, Google or other third-party data providers? This forum has never lacked people who overestimate the ability of devices and come up with some strange suggestions

  • When you ask for maps of New York and Florida, you ask for city lights in Berlin and Paris. At the same time, you said that some players just want to fly to the country they like. It doesn't matter whether it's feasible elsewhere.?? Are you a person of three nationalities

    I mean hopefully there will be a more comprehensive map selection for players. Meet the needs of different players. At the same time, there is no need to consume too much phone performance. So the audience will be wider. In XPM, they used a lot of volumetric buildings to restore a lot of urban scenery. But they didn't focus on mobile games. IPACS can take advantage of this opportunity to make their mobile games as polished as those on the PC. And find out what mobile gamers want. Mid to low end flight simulation on the computer, but mid to high end flight simulation on the phone. At least I think that AF can be developed further in this way.


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  • In fact, the current capacity of AF is not low, especially the use of ram. In this sentence, the problems of map data source, hardware and optimization caused by a large number of customized content. Insufficient data sources can also cause map fragmentation. In addition, this is a multi platform simulation flight software developer. At present, a large amount of production time and content has brought a huge workload, let alone customized content. At present, I think the direction is to update the content released by PC on the premise of meeting the performance of mobile devices. The two complement each other, which is also to improve efficiency. Both mobile device players and PC players want developers to spend more time on them. How is this balanced

  • It may be possible to understand some plans and work directions of developers, but I agree that the map quality of XPM is actually not high. Most plane maps are copied and pasted. The 2D images of some houses are even pasted on the mountains, and the close-up view is very blurred. As for the airport, I can only say that both have their own advantages. The Dubai airport terminal of XPM is still rectangular

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    Changed the title of the thread from “【Updateing】BUG in the Gmae and Expectations for the Game.” to “(Updating) BUG in the Game and Expectations for the Game.”.
  • 哈哈哈哈哈哈,笑死,你花10美元就想得到接近于100美元的游戏体验,你觉得可能吗,开发商有多次提到最新的导航数据库很贵,你不知道是吧!而且你逛了这么久的论坛,你难道没发现这游戏的更新贼他妈慢,还在这里娘们唧唧!