BUGs in the Game and Expectations for the Game.

  • Seeing that the officials have not been properly aware of the problem of the brake slider, I exclaimed that sometimes people to people communication is so difficult to understand

  • OK but if you restart the app and start your flight at Heathrow the issue is not visible, righ?

    i made a new flight from london and the issue is always visible. And i also made a picture at the top of the issue

  • I'm sorry I didn't notice my negligence of not shutting off the engine. Does AS not participate in subsequent production mean that the speed change symbol and other details of the A320 cannot be changed? If you don't have the means to provide a more advanced experience for your players, have you considered working with professional models again? The level of detail on the Aerofly is cutting-edge on the mobile end, but not nearly enough on the PC to call it flight simulation. In other words, mobile lacks the landscape and more screen options to achieve perfect performance, while PC lacks aircraft expertise and a more complete global landscape. I'm surprised that IPACS is so slow in making games before 2020. What used to be the best flight simulator has changed hands. Although it seems Aerofly's game is a bit of a niche game these days. But I hope Aerofly will attract a lot of players in the future, through the official attitude of making games seriously. :saint:

  • The level of detail on the Aerofly is cutting-edge on the mobile end, but not nearly enough on the PC to call it flight simulation.

    Yeah exactly, I think they should focus on developing the mobile version and make official SDK for mobile, then everyone could make their own scenery



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  • BUG Feedback Post

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) I've reported a lot of bugs since the first post. Some of it was my own negligence. I don't see any bugs in the game that affect the flying experience so far, but Aerofly does a lot of minor things wrong.

    1.Aircraft strobe light problem.

    Although these are minor errors, I hope they can be fixed. Careful aviation fans can spot a problem at a glance. First look at the Boeing series of aircraft, B737 strobe lights and BCN lights flashing mode and time are some problems, B747 strobe lights flashing frequency and times and reality is completely different, B777 strobe lights flashing order is not very right. The only correct ones are the B787 strobe lights and BCN lights. If you want to modify the flower suggestions can refer to other games made model or some real aircraft flying video. It's a small detail, but it shows how little effort the team put into it.

    2.Stick touch problem.

    In the cabin view, the plane's control stick can be moved by touch. But there is a BUG that when triggered, the steering stick is moved to a certain position by touch. Instead of returning to the default position of the virtual joystick or gyroscope, the current position is the default position. And recalibrating the gyroscope alone won't remove the BUG! I hope you can add a "stick touch" option to your Settings to prevent this BUG from appearing and players from accidentally touching. And fighters like the F-18 don't have to worry about touching a button on the stick and accidentally pulling the stick without successfully touching the target button. And usually players don't fly planes by touching the levers directly.

    3.Engine response latency problem.

    It is well known that the GE90 is a particularly large engine. This engine has a long engine response time unmatched by any airliner. In the Aerofly FS 2022, both the B777 and the B787 engines are too responsive compared to the real thing. Here's a picture: the 777, when it landed, had drained the throttle at 25ft and is now touching the ground. It still had 44% of N1 RPM left when the pilot started pulling into reverse.

    You can refer to some videos of the real machine or see how the PMBG777 performs in this respect. For B777 enthusiasts like me, the engine's response time is a major lack of GE90 performance.

    4.Parking brake problems.

    Some planes, like the Cessna 172 and the Boeing 737, they don't actually have actual parking brakes. Their parking brake is achieved by pushing the pedal down and holding the pedal in place with the handle of the parking brake. This means that the pedals must be down when the parking brake is on, otherwise the brake is effectively ineffective. However, such operations are no longer allowed in AF. When I pressed the brake button, the pedal released itself. And I pulled the throttle slider up to 100% and the pedal couldn't be held in place. The pedal will bounce back when I release the throttle slider. It's a matter of cashing out the details of the plane. Hope you can solve this problem which affects the authenticity.

  • 5.Throttle slider rule studied again.

    I found that with the auxiliary throttle on, the reverse was indeed fully open at 50%. But it will close in 70 knots. And after the reverse closing, the pedal brakes come into play.

    This means I can only use inversion above 70 knots on an aircraft like the A320. The Dash8 and CRJ900, on the other hand, have to wait until after 70 knots before they can brake only with the pedal, and they can't reverse then. If I were to use these planes to land at a small airport like London City Airport, the deceleration would not be efficient enough.

    I really want to be able to use the brakes as hard as I want to to slow the plane down when the reverse is on. And in fact the slider rules you gave Learjet45 are perfect. In the absence of auxiliary brakes. Its reversal does not change with the slider when opened through the cockpit. At this point the player can slow down using their desired braking efficiency, while the reverse can be closed in driving or by pulling the slider into the forward position. Hopefully you can apply Learjet45's throttle rules to the KA90, Dash8, and CRJ900.

    Compared to constantly tweaking the auxiliary brake rules and setting up a new UI, I felt this was the easiest amount of work to do.

    6.Some extra advice.

    Can you give the player more screen controls? Such as real-time shadow switch, some options for serrations. On the iPad, you gave the game a good anti-aliasing optimization. But on Android phones, serrations are often unavoidable.

    You used live shadows and window reflections in AF2019. But in later versions, this feature was removed.

    In my opinion, this is a necessary addition to the sense of immersion in the game. There are some switch options you can use to allow low performance players or high FPS. But for an Android user like me who can get 70 frames in Denver, there's no reason I can't add more graphics to the game right now to make it a better experience.

    And I was wondering if you could add camera capability to the B777. This feature was never implemented on mobile Aerofly. I'd love to see this feature implemented on mobile devices, and my phone's performance is perfectly suited for it.

    In this mobile phone game large-scale, mobile phone chip rapid development of the period. It's important to give high-end gamers something that fully leverages the capabilities of their phones. And these Settings can be disabled on low-end phones, allowing the game to appeal to both players. :saint:

    • Official Post

    3. Regarding the engine response time: There are real world certification criteria for engine spool up time. From idle to 95% takeoff thrust the engine shall not take longer than 8 seconds and from approach idle to 95% go around thrust it shall not take longer than 5 seconds. Some engines are certified with an special condition (exemption) and take a bit longer. For that reason I do not want the engine spool up to be much longer than it currently is.

    For spool down there isn't as much of a hard limit as far as I'm aware but at high thrust the engine spool down is naturally quite quick. The engine FADEC has a programmed deceleration schedule that I can adjust so that the engine spool down is slower. This is to prevent the flame going out as well as to prevent engine surges when rapidly changing the pressure balance inside the engine.

    4. Currently all parking brakes are handled the same. We can add that the brake pedals appear to be pushed on the B737 when ever the parking brake is on. But the assistance for brakes is still going to release pressure on the brake pedals after setting parking brakes. You just won't see that.

    6. Regarding the cameras in the B777: This is a feature available on desktop only. Most mobile devices would not be powerful enough, you need to render the entire scene another 3 times, so it's actually quite computational expensive.

    We'll check the other items. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I would appreciate it if these restrictions could be added to improve engine authenticity.

    In fact, I can only use the auxiliary brake when flying a fighter plane, and turn it off when using other planes. So please add this simulation if you can.

    Have you ever experimented with camera functions on the mobile end? Perhaps reducing the camera's render resolution will ease the performance squeeze. Or the feature can be turned on as an option. Because as far as I know, the A380 is equipped with the same function. In the future, this function will be optimized and implemented into the mobile terminal, which must be an eye-catching feature.

    Can you reintroduce real-time shadows in the cockpit in 2022 or later? Compared with AF2019, the AF2022 cockpit without real-time shadow has a lot less immersion inside. This is also a good performance opportunity for the interior lighting of the cockpit.



    If not, the removed cockpit live shadow will be added again as a quality option to improve the game's authenticity. I think that many players will be happy to see this feature.

    Also I want to know if the HUD function of the B787 is being improved. So far the HUD features on the 787 are missing a lot of detail. If the 787 had a full HUD, it would be the best HUD ever made on mobile! :saint:

  • BUG Feedback Post

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) Here's what I felt after experiencing a fighter jet.

    1. About F-18

    I think Aerofly's F18 is by far the most detailed on the mobile end. Not only is there a lot of functionality in the cockpit, but aerodynamic reduction is great! But the trim button on the steering stick has no effect after sliding. And the lever touch problem, the player is difficult to directly use the lever above the trim button. So please add this functionality to the aircraft, and it is necessary to have a switch button that the controller touches to assist the player on the controller.

    Also, the current LANDING gear of the F18 penetrates the model when retracted. Please fix this problem asap!

    2. About F-15

    The F15 only has autopilot and avionics functions, but I found the trim button still didn't work when I was playing. And the light panel doesn't have any effect on the plane. These basic features are expected to be added soon!

    As the user mentioned above, the F15 weapon operator's DDI will appear black when the camera is rotated. Please also repair it.

    With the F-15E in the cockpit view 2 if we turn the camera in left at approximately 60 degres, the left screen turn off and also when we make a zoom with the same view, both center screens turn off too

  • 3. About MB-339

    The aircraft is so well made that it is currently the only fighter jet available on mobile phones that can start in a cold chamber. In the course of playing, I found that his takeoff balance, tail rudder balance and steering lever balance function is still missing. Hope to add them soon. Also, the landing lights of this aircraft are independent of the taxi lights, please add a modeling of the landing lights to MB339.

    Thank you for keeping up with this post! I really hope Aerofly FS does better and better! :saint:

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