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  • Do you know how to set the manual heading back to the automatic heading (NAV mode) at the autopilot panel? Because sometimes the A320 just kicks me out of the NAV mode and I have to set the heading manually.

    Ps.: Maybe I am just inexperienced or the autopilot isn’t completely finished yet.

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    When does the autopilot kick you out of NAV mode? As long as you are following the route it should stay in NAV mode, do you have an example route where it drops out of NAV mode?

    When you are not flying close to the route the NAV mode disengages like in the real world.

    Do arm the NAV mode you need to push the heading knob in. Tap on the knob to display the green highlight. Slide the center disk up to push the knob.

    When you then fly close to the route NAV re-engages and it should continue to follow the route.

  • Sometimes, if the plane turns it kicks me out

  • You are kicked out flying certain SID or STAR. It's normal but it's not normal. I gave up reporting about it.

    In the FCU, if you push the HDG button you set NAV mode, so --- are displayed whenever the plane has joined the flight plan.

    If you pull the HDG button, you'll be able to select a heading.

    Secondly, all of this can be done AP ON or OFF. If ON the plane will fly it for you, if OFF the plane will indicate for you the FD to follow to apply the heading.

    It is the same with the other buttons in the FCU (apart pulling the V/S button sets it to 0).

    Push = managed

    Pull = selected

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  • I have also experienced disconnection of NAV mode (or LNAV) in the Q400, A320 and B787. Like Frank references above, this occurs at points of very tight turns within SIDS and STARS. I suspect that some of these extreme twists and turns may be an unrealistic representation of real life procedures.....(eg the common "Procedure Turn" to reverse a course over an IAF, where the actual flight path is wider than the flight plan diagram).

    I've got used to recognising the little aural warning chimes now when this happens! Then I switch to manual heading mode (or HDG SEL in the Q400) and dial in a course to fly around in a wider circle and come back to a gentle intercept of the flightplan route, then re-engage NAV again.

    Sonetimes unfortunately the route waypoints get out of sequence and a flightplan has to be abandoned and a new plan or direct entry to a final approch made manually. This is when a solo pilot is severly tested!

    I would love to know how to change the active waypoint in a flightplan, to correct for this issue ....? So far I have not been able to work out how to make a particular waypoint the active one ....

  • Please post a screenshot of the navigation menu for us next time this happens. We need to find out why this is happening and need cases that we can reproduce.

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Have a glance to the attachment. The red circle indicates where the SID fails (A/P on).

    With A320 210 kts PRESEL to pass through the first u-turn and after managed speed (250 kts). The 5000 ft constraint is respected.

    One more thing: if you start from zero with the MCDU when you select the arrival approach it is impossible to select this STAR. The list selects other STARs than the one chosen. But if you start by selecting the STAR you’ll be able to select the approach.