New player scenery help

  • Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I am in the process of installing scenery from fscloudport and all the airports I am downloading refers to a zip file called "" , however this link does no longer work, or at least it doesn't work for me, I even tried several browsers and using a VPN just in case, so how do I get this zip file, does anyone know of an alternative download ?

  • Indeed the link is dead.

    However you only need the if the scenery contains a water tower.

    This is extremely rare, so you probably want miss anything if you don't install that file.

    Ok, that's good to hear, at least now I know the sceneries will work without it.

    I did make a post at Flight to, hopefully they can fix it as I understand it's their site that is responsible for the Cloudport ?

    Either way I am happy to know I can install scenery without worrying about other stuff breaking :)