Aerofly RC 9 Now Available on Mac App Store

  • I think you're going to be waiting a long time for any Mac updates. IPACS has said nothing for months.

    It looks very much like they have abandoned the Mac platform.

    FS2 on the App store stopped getting any updates 2 years ago even though the Steam version was still updated - at least they offered people a free changeover from the App store to Steam.

    A Mac version of RC8 was never even offered on Steam which is very surprising - if they already have an App store version surely it would not be hard to publish if via Steam as well. The same goes for RC9 - if IPACS were serious about supporting the Mac why not make this available via Steam and offer RC8 App store users a way to move to Steam like what was done with FS2.

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    Unfortunately, the situation is very unsatisfactory for our customers as well as for ourselves.

    As it looks now, it is not possible for us to offer any special deals or rebates for customers of previous versions. Apple has introduced the concept of Bundles, but they are simply not working as they should. We have sent multiple emails to Apple, but all they said was, they are looking into the matter. However nothing has changed so far.

    We will therefor consider an alternative way of offering future versions of Aerofly RC to Mac users, preferably through Steam. Maintaining another distribution channel however adds a lot of overhead and also confuses users as we can't get the prices on each platform exactly the same and the user also can't easily switched between the different solutions. This is causing support cases as well.

    So to summarize, we have not abonded the Mac platform and we will continue to support new versions on macOS as well, however offering the right distribution way is something we are still evaluating.

  • Assuming that anybody from IPACS read this, here's my Feedback on Aerofly RC 9 for Mac

    My interest was to learn the basics of 3D flying when I started with version 7 a few years ago. Having luckily progressed some in the meantime, I now use Aerofly RC 9 exclusively for 3D training. Since I only fly airplanes, and only those that are 3D able, I could say I'm only using 5% of the capabilities of the sim...


    - upgraded from RC 7 to 9, was expecting more new airplanes. Missing are 3D capable electric airplanes in the 1.5 to 2.5m category. Pity since it is a very popular category, witness all ExtremeRC and Pilot airplanes flying in real. The development seems to have been made towards drones (having robots fly is not RC flying ;) ), and the rest of the "toys", pity.

    - bug#1: quitting then restarting the program, one is presented with the basic version of the airplane used before, but not the same variation (aerobatic, etc.) as when the program was quit

    - bug #2: the cursor (the black one) stays visible all the time, and has to be pushed on the side of the screen


    - auto resolution. Using RC 7 on my Mac Mini, I had to change the monitor resolution since the graphic cards wasn't powerful enough. This is done by the program now

    - stunning Addiction model

    - very nice Veloxity model

    - flight physics seem to have improved slightly (or is it my flying?)

    All in all an expensive "upgrade" (no rebate coming from RC 7) for very little improvement. Still, considering my specific use, and no alternative available, just about ok.

  • Unfortunately, the situation is very unsatisfactory for our customers as well as for ourselves.


    We will therefor consider an alternative way of offering future versions of Aerofly RC to Mac users, preferably through Steam.

    Thanks for trying so hard to get this fixed with Apple. I read that Apple is very difficult - and many other development houses have failed in this regard also.

    Well, your new preferred solution (Steam), is also mine - as it if flexible. I'd like to be able to use Aerofly RC on a mac or pc without having to pay twice.

    Now that you have control of the situation - can you give an update about what the plan is - with a timeline perhaps?

  • Sorry I have both a 27" iMac 2017 (i5 CPU) and a M1 MacBook Pro 14", which version is better? (I assumed if I purchase, for example, from the M1 machine, I cannot play RC 9 with my iMac)

  • Any idea when that will happen? Thos is an open topic for an embarrassingly long amount of time…

  • RC 9 works on both of your Mac computers just fine. RC 9 even has native support for M1 chips and it will perform much faster on the machine.

    This is my first post. I recently purchased a Mac Mini with the M1 chip and then purchased and installed RC9 from the Apple App Store, all on the strength of the first post in this thread announcing RC9 and its native support of the M1 hardware. So far it appears to work well, however I’m not sure if the M1 native support code is active. RC9 also supports other Intel chips that are used in older Mac computers and the more expensive Mac Mini.

    Does RC9 automatically detect the M1 hardware and run the native support code or do I need to perform a setup step to run the native M1 code?

    Thanks for any help on this question.

  • @BFlyer: RC 9 will run the native Apple Silicon code by default unless some system settings have been modified.

    The log file of RC 9 should have a line in the beginning verifying this. It's located at

    ~/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-9/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly RC 9/tm.log

    admin: Thank you for your reply.

    I can't find anything resembling the log file path you cited on my Mac mini. There is a folder named Library on Macintosh HD, however nothing beyond that. Also a Finder search for file tm.log returned nothing.

  • The Extra 330 Standard model described as Roland Matt's TOC model has some parameters revealed in the Edit Model window that have me somewhat confused. I assume that the "size" of the model is the wingspan, which is 3 meters and hence in the 40% class of models. The 17.2 kg mass is consistent with this size category.

    The engine power vs RPM curve has a maximum of 7.367 kW, which is 9.88 HP. This is the maximum power that Desert Aircraft quotes for their DA 100L. A DA 120 has a maximum power output of 7.6 kW (see…DA120-Data-Sheet-2021.pdf for details.). Yet the airplane behaves as if powered by a 150 cc engine.

    The propellor parameters are: radius = 33.717 inches and pitch = 28.669 inches. The radius doesn't make sense. With this radius, the diameter is 67.4 inches. The pitch also doesn't make sense. The maximum pitch on model aircraft propellors is 13 inches. The largest propellor from Mejzlik is a 30x13 3-bladed propellor. Interestingly, is I divide 2x the radius = 67.4 inches by 2.54 cm/inch, the result is 26.5. Likewise if I divide the pitch = 28.669 by 2.54 cm/inch, the result is 11.3. 26.5 inch diameter is too small for a 2-bladed propellor for a 150 cc engine but about right for a 3-bladed propellor. Likewise 11.3 inch pitch is about right for a 26 inch 3-bladed propellor.

  • Just saw RC 9 is available at the Mac App Store for $119.99 (111€) The upgrade price should be $95.99 (89€) but at least this is closer than the $174.99 (162€) upgrade price it used to be! Looks like progress! 🤣

  • downloaded version 9.0.15 from the App Store today in the hope it would fix some of the bugs I spotted and duly reported, but nope.

    Now RC9 just doesn't want to start anymore... trying to open produces a short flash, a lateral move of a clean finder window, and a return to the previous normal finder presentation :cursing:

    Should have, as usual, kept the bugged but working app for another 6 months before trying to upgrade...


    I'm quite an experienced Mac user, running 11.6.1 Big Sur on a 2018 Mac mini with a 3.2 Ghz 6-Core Intel... and no, restarting did not help, nor did trashing and reinstalling RC9 ;(