3rd party airports and the new Aerofly compatibility

  • Hi! I was flying today in Innsbruck, and I was just amazed at how smooth everything runs. Orbx airport is just a piece of art, and the fact that the game runs without a single stutter puzzles me. Kudos, Ipacs teams. Now, that also made me wonder whether the 3rd party airports will still be compatible with the new version of the sim or not.

    Thanks and good development. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys are cooking.

  • Compatibility is the big question mark over the upcoming release and not just for airports. If people have invested a big of money in Orbx scenery and others, they are not going to be happy if we get upside down windmills and major glitches either.

  • I think if new developments and/or revisions follow the rules published there ...

    ... it should work, right?

    And in general, I always like to encourage people to stick to the conventions:

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    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • The third party work for FS2 propelled the sim and likely drove sales for a few years. I hope IPACs does good by the community and makes damn sure all those outstanding contributions are compatible at some point. You look at that catalogue of work, such as the Hawaiian Islands and integration of so many cool features such as animated traffic etc. while IPACS was pressing the snooze button and you can clearly see that's the reason some of us have stuck around and supported this sim. Don't drop the ball on this one in FS4. Show the fans you care!