I just love the A320

  • Hi,

    I have been away for a few months. I just took a couple of flights to the A320. I love it! It shows the work you guys put into it, and I'm excited as I'm sure you will continue updating it.

    I'm one of those sim fans that are not so worried about everything being 100% accurate, mainly when I have limited time. So what if you press a few buttons in the MCDU and data gets populated? When you don't have two hours to fly, that's precisely the type of experience I want. Something that makes me feel on command but makes my life easier. I want the experience! And honestly, after flying the study-level planes on other sims, I love this type of choice. It feels pro-and easy. The only thing I would love to see improved is the sounds... and still, I recognized the improvements in this area too.

    I'm excited about the future of this product! And I feel sorry for those who don't give this beautiful sim a chance.