Reasonable expectations for Aerofly 2023

  • Hello,

    I often see people asking for a lot of stuff for aerofly 2023 so here are my reasonable expectations for aerofly 2023.

    I would really like to see a new airbus, the a350 would be really nice but I would also really like the a330 - a340 those two planes are really alike so I do not think it would be difficult to add both if we were going to get them. A220 would also be nice but it is not my priority. If possible it would also be great to get different versions of the 787 or a320, like a321… If we were to get more (737, private jet, turboprop) I would also be happy :)

    I have also been asking for this a few times but the Air France livery on the a320 is the really old one and on the 777 it is not the current one. I think those would be pretty easy fixes. Air France is also not the only old one, for example SWISS.

    For the scenery I am not asking for much but I would like to see Miami area back, and the buildings that were in England. I would also like to see more airports like courchevel. If you could, make the resolution of the scenery in France it would also be great.

    And finally for features, I would really like to see pushback, and better wing flex especially during turbulence. Live weather and multiplayer is often asked for so I am also putting it on the list but personally I do not really care and I would not be ready to pay a monthly subscription to get that.

    I know there are many small details that also could be added but those are the main ones. This is just my personal opinion so there is no need to be harsh on me :)

    Keep up the great work IPACS! ^^

  • Honestly I want IPACS to be diverse with the aircraft selections. Yes many want an a220 and a330neos which is fine with me. However there’s a lot of older people who play this sim as well. With that being said I’d love to see a mix of old and new. Personally I’d like to see the a340-600 variant or ever an a330 don’t care which one it is. I’d also like to see an Lockheed L-1011 or MD-11 on the sim. Those are my expectations for the next installation of aircraft in either Aerofly 2022 or 2023.

  • All your suggestions have already been discussed in several threads and those with the same requirements so it may be better to just wait instead of multiplying the threads for the same topics without bringing anything new :)

  • Am I able to connect an A320 first office throttle and joystick to my IPAD?

    I’ve just tried with Thrustmaster Airbus Captain Edition USB-c plugged on the iPad Pro Aerofly FS 2023: the answer is no, it does not work like it does with the MacBook Pro

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  • The Thrustmaster Airbus X Sidestick is Xbox compatible. So, it should also be with Apple. BUT NO GUARANTEES AT ALL. I can’t try it because I only have the standard Airbus Sidestick and Quadrant which surely don’t work with the iPad.

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer of the Airbus A320

    Aerofly FS 4 / MacBook Pro / M1 Pro / Thrustmaster Captain Airbus Edition

  • I have tested it, unfortunately this notcompatible is with this Ipad. :(

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