Colour Range displayed in PC Aerofly.

  • There are some nice new gallery pics featuring ‘Reshade’ with nice deep blacks and dark greys. I find PC Aerofly to be quite muddy compared to mobile. Is PC Aerofly based on a reduced colour range such as the 16-235 display mode?

    If I select 16-235 in my graphics software and adjust a photo for the reduced range, that adjusted pic will also look dull and muddy when the PC’s graphics software is returned to the 0-255 full range.

    Is there a 16-235/0-255 automatic selection in PC Aerofly? Sometimes the Aerofly colour range and contrast seems to be inconsistent.

    Can the user force an Aerofly colour range selection?

    Should I use 16-235 mode? My PC seems fine for other use. I have a continuous range of tones after using calibration guides. My computer has a (very) basic TN monitor. (I use a HDMI cable, perhaps there is some full/limited range switching because of ‘smart’ HDMI)?

    I checked full dynamic range 0-255 was selected, NVIDEA control panel content type reported to the display content type auto-select (recommended)/Desktop programs and video NVIDEA/video player colour adjustment settings did not change the display in Aerofly. HDMI selection might be OK then.

    The basic dynamic range in Aerofly seems a bit restricted, for instance over the ocean clouds are visible at night. I suppose it is not unlike moonlight. Some planes like the Dash 8 have good solid blacks in the instrument panel but the darkened cockpits are all a bit bright.

    My mobile device also has a much better mini LED display with more solid blacks.

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