• Any tips on how to get approaches to load in the King air FMS? I fly a real one (350 model) with the same proline 21 FMS and I can get certain features to work right and certain ones do not. Today for example, I loaded a flight out of KNZY to KNZY and there was only one arrival and no approaches listed. Maybe that just depends on which airports it has fully supported. So I tried KNZY to KSAN next door, and the approaches listed, but I could not go direct to any fixes my usual way. I tried manually flying to the final fix and swapping the mode from FMS to LOC manually my usual real world way of clicking on the Lower left PFD and nope, doesn’t work. Seems a good bit is modeled and a good bit isn’t yet, or at least doesn’t work for me with my limited sim knowledge. I tried building the fight plan both in the cockpit and beforehand on the navigation page (and did not see approaches listed there.) Any tips on the King Air? Thanks!

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    The King Air is still a bit work in progress. Maybe I can improve it a lot with your feedback, which would be much appreciated.

    The nav database is a bit older, so if there are approaches missing that might be a reason for it.

    When you click on the lower left on the PFD I think it selects the LOC1 as preset and since the capture conditions are met it auto swaps immediately, did I understand that correctly? That preset function is not implemented yet but I have it working in the CRJ900 so I should be able to modify the King Air.

    Usually I swap the nav source using the PFD controller nav source button and the selector knob above it.