Do Flight Sims keep you mentally sharp?

  • On another forum I read a thread about how old users are. I am 70 but there are folk who fly in sims who are 85 or older. I found it interesting to read and wonder if the thrill of flying albeit on your electronic device stimulates mental abilities. Anyone want to share their age and thoughts on this? <3

  • It goes without saying that dealing with complex content serves to maintain mental vitality. A simple PC game, where you have to solve puzzles, for example, is also sufficient. Things like that slow down dementia.

  • I hope I can keep myself mentally fit with my 64 for a long time with Aerofly FS 4+. 8)

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  • One would think so but alas its not always the case as it hasn't stopped me from the early signs of dementia at the tender age of 65.

    Recently I developed 3 addon aircraft, forced myself to learn TMD, wrote a 510 page novel and am building an ah64D simpit (for some other sim that supports cockpit builders), but it's starting to be a struggle. Unfortunately the only person who doesn't know you are developing dementia is yourself as you forget the conversations etc that others remind you off, it's only then you think, 'Houston we have a problem'