reach minimum and max throttle

  • I can't reach the minimum and max of throttle. In configuring the controller in settings I sweep all the way from top to bottom and on screen it doesn't reach all the way. And trim cant fix it. I'm having trouble bc I can't reach max speeds or land. How do I fix this? Using FS 1.

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    Go to the windows game controller settings first and calibrate your device. That dialog will ask you to move the axes to the full deflection and then remembers what the max and min achievable values are.

    Then open Aerofly FS again and check if it's fixed.

    If i remember correctly Aerofly FS also has a joystick calibration menu, so if it's still not fixed go to that menu and you'll be asked again to move the device axes to min and max.



  • I went thru everything and I still can't get the throttle all the way down to zero.

    I realized the problem might be that I'm using an Esky controller instead of an Ikarus usb controller. Do u think getting an Ikarus usb controller would fix this problem?

  • Try going into your windows device/printer settings and find your controller. Then go into its settings and recalibrate everything. Then go back and recalibrate in-game. If this does not help then it is possible your controller has a faulty pot.

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