Questions about details - FS 4 - Missions

  • Apparently a ton of work has been devoted to MISSIONS in FS 4. I was totally surprised to see the B737-500 is one of the prime airliners in the Missions. 3,215 total flights, wow. Using the CoPilot feature I have flown (in the jump seat) along on a couple of 737 airline flights. This is quite interesting, but, raises a few questions.

    1. Can I view the NAV MAP while flying a Flight Plan to see progress? Maybe a window in a window.

    2. Is there a Flight Tutorial for the new B737-500 on a todo list someplace?

    3. Can a Flight Plan be exported to use FSWidgets maps for flight following?

    Obviously, the B737-500 has also received some attention to details and a lot of upgrades and improvements for FS 4. Is this documented someplace? Maybe a Change Log. I am happy to see more depth in the FMS and a smoother flying aircraft. Still has some fuzzy (super low res) text on the panel creating distractions, otherwise it appears to be a modernized B737 classic.

    Is there a link for an overview of the new on-screen icons? Starting with this . . .