AFS4 Mission Complete

  • Hello,

    When i finish a mission (after landed, parked and turned engine off and batteries+avionics off) I not see any sign that the mission was over and in the missions list its not check marked.

    Will be cool to see that specific mission was done (with a checkmark in the missions list), to choose other and not the same again by mistake.

    (to keep a track of what i done and not yet)

    Thank You!

  • That's a good suggestion, it's just a question what criteria have to be met to be a successful mission?

    You have the freedom to change the aircraft, weather, route etc. and you can skip almost all of it or let the copilot fly it for you. When you have flown a takeoff from the origin and landed at the destination with the aircraft in a single flight in the mission already gets recommend less.

    Maybe I can apply the same logic to show a checkmark. We'll think about it!



  • Thanks about your reply! For me will be great if i can checkmark the mission (even manually) to keep a track of what i have done and not yet flown.

    This flight sim is cool and I'm having fun with it, and really appreciate the missions system, infact its one of the features that distinguish it from AFS2. So I would like to do the missions, but with list of hundreds of them, its a bit easy to fall in repeat the same by mistake, when i want to fly each one without repeats (for now).

    For me a Manual Checkmark fits perfectly (in all kind of missions: challenges/recommended/aircraft_list)

    Thank You so much