Request for a new repaint - B737-500 - SAS

  • Yep, with all the upgrades and improvements the ole 737 Classic now has new life, especially in FS 4 with all those readymade Mission flights. I chose to fly the 737-500 mainly because I know how to fly the plane and there are 3000+ Missions specific to this old Boeing.

    That being said, I plan to spend time flying in and around Norway, my old stomping ground and I would like to have a SAS repaint to show it off. Sure, I know there haven't been many (any?) SAS 737-500 flying in a very long time. But, as they say, there is no time like the present.

    So what say, anyone game to contribute a new Scandinavian repaint for the old bird? I sure would appreciate it. is waiting. Here is just one image of the -500, many others are out there.