Aerofly FS 4 thoughts and wishlist

  • I was hesitant to purchase FS 4 since I had already invested in FS 1 and FS 2 in addition to the android version of both of these sims. The NY, FL and Europe scenery in FS 4 made the purchase worth it for me. The extra information available at the top of the screen is a welcome addition and the flight model just feels better overall. The Vulcan rendering is amazing and I have not encountered any stutters or slow frame rates in the 9+ hours I have been flying. The AI traffic is nice to see and makes the world feel a little more alive. I occasionally use MSFS 2020 but the load times, flight model and constant large updates have really kept me from wanting to use that software. The load times on FS 4 are incredible. I am typically up and flying in under two minutes, counting the route planning. My one and only wish for FS 4 is ATC. Nothing else matters more to me. I really hope IPACS can bring some form of ATC to FS 4 at some point. whether it be a free update or DLC. Nice job IPACs!