Low power laptops and FS4

  • I reported the problem of not being able to run FS4 on my low end gaming laptop which has a dual video card setup (Radeon Vega 2gb and NviDia 3gb 1050). I did not really get any working resolution but today I found this in the steam forums and it DOES work! thanks to TB Crocodile. The FPS in Vulkan around Seattle in Medium graphics is only around 18-24 fps but in low I can get up to 35 fps. I can also see all the buildings so I am happy. :)

    Originally posted by TB Crocodile (GER):
    I have the same Problem. ASUS TUF FX505DV with onboad Vega10 and RXT 2060. The only way to solve this is to go to your device manager and deactivate your AMD Radeon graphics card and reactivate it. This works fine for me, but you must do this every time you reboot your windows (Works also for other vulkan based games).

    Hope this will help you guys :)