Aerofly RC9 appstore activation?

  • Hello

    I am completely new to Aerofly and would need some help to get started.

    I downloaded the latest Aerofly RC9 via appstore (for mac).

    However, it does not seem activated? (see picture for the start page).

    When I start the program, only one plane seems to be loading is PT40, I also do not have access anything other than general settings for example to activate. I have not received an activation code. I have transmitters but i cant configure these.

  • Dear Katt,

    thanks for flying aeroflyRC. This is the IKARUS/aerofly support.

    In general: A correct radio interface connection does not depend on a successful activation.

    Futaba transmitters can be connected to MAC computers using one of these options:

    Question: How can I fly with a Futaba radio on the aeroflyRC?
    Flying with a Futaba on the aeroflyRC You have 2 different possibilities to connect a Futaba radio to the aeroflyRC. You can use the trainer plug for a…

    The interface on the picture is no one from IKARUS. Other interfaces from other manufacturers are not always compatible with macOS or use something different than the standard USB protocol.

    Also in general: The licence is indeed managed by the AppStore without any key. After a downlaod and finished installation the aeroflyRC9 should be ready without further steps.

    Because there is only one model selectable and because the interface issue must be solved individually, please contact the IKARUS support in that case directly via this mail:

    Yours IKARUS Support Team

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