USA Regions have low quality satellite images

  • I think JFK could use some improvements, here's a view of IRL vs AFS4 Runway 22L landing; the green is low quality, and the water doesn't look like water.

    That is why reflective water is essential, reflective not dynamic with wave action and other features. It is what makes water bodies stand out in real life AND it was good enough in original Aerofly FS.

  • In the meantime I have copied all images files from FS2, whether from ORBX or elsewhere, into FS4. Almost always it has become a significant improvement, even if sometimes the colors at the tile borders are different.

    Currently in also more and more posts containing only images files are moved from the FS2 area to the FS4&FS2 area.

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • I suggest a metropolitan area in the USA that can be used as a bridge between the small New England DLC and the sliver of South Florida DLC. This could be the Washington DC, New Orleans area, Atlanta area, St. Louis area, Chicago area, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, Texas, etc.

    Yes! Starting with these popular areas would be great. Gives more places to hop around to with short haul flights. KATL to KDCA, KMIA to KATL, etc.