Road traffic

  • No roads -> no road traffic.

    The Berlin scenery looks good, but I miss the highway. That is a point of orientation.

    If you want the roads not to run under the water, you need bridges. It may not be so easy to generate bridges with autogen.

    I think it makes no sense to always demand things that don't exist. IPACS already knows that we want all of that.

  • Well, at least add roads and traffic around the airports and in cities. I understand that you can't mess with bridges and water but in areas with no water? I would make the final approach so much more realistic.

    So does the Berlin scenery have traffic then?

    I think it makes sense to demand this. Why not?

  • There is no road traffic in Berlin. And there are no roads or highways visible. Highways should be visible because they are on the satellite images, but I didn't see any. Probably the image resolution is too bad. I didn't examine it that closely.

    It is possible to add traffic to an airport scenery (or other). This has already been done in the Innsbruck scenery by Orbx. But such a scenery has to be created explicitly. It is not part of the standard scenery.

    Of course we can wish for it and also demand it. But all these wishes have already been mentioned in the past. Your wish too. With FS4 we got air traffic and better clouds. And the development continues.