How to change default colours

  • Not sure if anyone has tried this yet, ipad ios15 users. Was playing around today trying to recreate an actual sky, as seen out my window, cloud height, visibility etc... Obviously there are limitations with this software but I found a neat trick.

    If you go into settings menu

    accessability/display & text size/colour filters, turn them on and go to the 'colour tint' option you can create some vivid sunsets and sunrises.

    It allows you to vary the intensity and hue (colour tint), say if you want a greyer dawn or redder sunset. The effects will vary of course but you can create some realistic looking skies, different from the default. You could also change the colours so much that the screen gets silly - like 100% greyscale. Up to the eye of the user - what thye think looks realistic.

    You can also go into settings menu

    display & brightness and turn on night shift which allows you to change the warmth of the screen as well. I have night shift on permanently on my ipad (set to turn off 1am and turn on at 2am) so I can make my default screen more grey, to a screen colour more like my old ipad. This is an option as well.

    As this is your ipad screen it has no adverse effects on the program at all. Not sure if Android users can change their screen colours? but they could see if they can.

    EDIT. This is great. I just made a much more yellow dawn by reducing the visibility and a yellow filter to better represent my actual dawn sky this morning. I noticed however that the blue sky became a bit washed out (less blue), thinking it was a bad thing, until I realised that my actual sky this morning is a washed out blue similar to the yellow filter. This is going to be a lot of fun for me. Happy days. If you set the time to midday (and avoid looking at the sun in game), use a deep blue filter and turn the brightness of your screen way down you can simulate a full moon lighting the ground. I have seen nights like this when you can go outside like it is almost day time.

    Just uploaded some screenshots of what my actual dawn sky looked like using a yellow filter, in the gallery for those who are interested. The golden yellow may seem unrealistic but this is actually pretty close to what I saw this morning where I live.

    Below are my settings (filter and aerofly) for the screenshots. The orange shot (at 0606AM) is the intensity further to the right, same hue or colour. The earlier screens are without cloud. I find the lower the visibility the greater the sky colour at dawn until it goes grey completely. The earliest shots were visibility almost completely to the left (top slider) and all others to left, no cloud.