• I have emphasized that mobile terminals always have this problem. Papi is always three white and one red on ILs. Now I find that there is still this problem on AF4. Papi is always inaccurate when the aircraft is on ILs. This problem can be said to occur on most runways. These are screenshots of LEMD and KLAX. It seems necessary to check the TMB files that provide Papi models for problems, or redesign them.

  • I beg you to pay attention to this problem. As I mentioned, Papi and ILs are part of the precision instrument approach system. Whether the Papi of aircraft approach in a flight game is accurate is the most basic thing in other simulation flight platforms. It seems that you have not paid attention to this small mistake that can affect whether a flight game is professional or not. :!: :!:

  • PAPIs and VASIs are not part of the ILS, they do not have to be in alignment with the ILS glideslope. Not all glidepaths are at 3 degrees.

    The PAPIs in Aerofly are grossly too small, they are usually in the wrong place and they do not ever vary their glidepath from 3 degrees. There are no VASIs in Aerofly, none anywhere.

  • PAPIs and VASIs are not part of the ILS, they do not have to be in alignment with the ILS glideslope. Not all glidepaths are at 3 degrees.

    According to ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 "Airport Design and Operation" and China Civil Aviation industry standard MH5001-2013 "Technical Standards for Flight Areas of Civil Airports" :


    1. PAPI light shall be "as consistent as possible with the sliding channel of ILS (if not provided)"

    2. "When the runway is equipped with visual approach slope indicating system, the beginning end of the (aiming point) sign shall coincide with the beginning of visual approach slope" (Note: visual approach slope indicating system refers to PAPI, APAPI, T-VASIS and AT-VASIS)

    The extract from Transport Canada is as follow,


    However, this is not possible to achieve completely because the pilot eye is above the aircraft antenna which senses the ILS signal and the angle "B" of the lower edge of the PAPI approach corridor is less than the angle of the ILS signal.

    For some aircraft, such as 747, PAPI cannot be trusted during ILS approach due to the cockpit position. However, if the PAPI and ILS do not coincide, they should be marked on the navigation chart. I tried to refer to PAPI for approach. But my FPV indicator Angle is always 2.5 degrees and definitely less than 3 degrees. So I suspect there is something wrong with the PAPI model. It is also possible that the position of ILS signal received by the aircraft in the game is far lower than the real situation, so the aircraft is actually higher than the glide path. But I think the production team should first make PAPI and ILS signals consistent in most airports.