Using Aerofly FS for a VR hangglider simulator

  • Hello guys !

    I have been working on this hangglider model for quite some time now with my hangglider instructor. I have worked on the creation of the aircraft definition for the hangglider using the Aerofly SDK. In the meantime, my instructor has developped a harness to which we can hang, and that is linked to a joystick so that we can really immerse ourselves in the hanggliding simulation with the VR headset:

    We have tested this setup and after a some adjustments, it is now working really good ! We presented this simulator to the Swiss hanggliding federation, because we would like to include this in hanggliding schools to encourage beginners (including myself ^^) to start hanggliding.

    But before starting to use this simulator with other people, we would like to know what you think about selling it as a whole to other hanggliding schools, since the Aerofly simulator would be included in it. Are we authorized to do so ? Or is there some special license that we should buy to you in order to distribute Aerofly in the hanggliding simulator ?

    I have no idea how this works, so if you know more about this, I'm glad to hear from you !

    Thank you for your help, and happy flying (virtually or physically) !

    Antoine Brunner

  • Hello

    The licence things can answering only Ipacs ...

    When the users have to think if it

    was something for the club or pilots ... we must have a price ... :)

    mfg, Jens ...

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