NZCI cultivation

  • At long last, I have some cultivation for my Chatham Islands photoscenery. The buildings and trees are well placed, but the .toc file is 186MB and has 4,510,603 lines ! That's right, 4.5million. Seems a bit excessive to me. I thought at first it hadn't worked, but after flying around for a good 5 mins or more, it finally appeared.

    I used template v7, which I had to edit because ScenProc 3.0 was complaining that PolygonToPoint did not have enough arguments.

    Any ideas, anyone?


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  • Here are some lines which are working with PolygonToPoint and LineToPoint and version



    Cheers, Thomas

  • Thankyou Jan, I will be trying a more complex polygon for the extract. Because of the shape of the island group - it is like an opened umbrella - a simple rectangular one is about 75% open sea or even more. The download was 2.4MB for 8266 sq kms.

    I will fix the syntax first - it seems to have written a new line for every individual tree or shrub in the place.



  • In the past I have often said that with all my experience, I can create SNAFUS that newbies can only dream about. Much the same here; I seem to be missing something fundamental, like a few million brain cells.

    Thanks to input from Tom and Jan, I now have something that is fit to publish. Won't be long.