VR render scaling, map and night lights

  • I’m enjoying the new simulator in virtual reality. Especially now that I have found that setting render scaling option at 1.5 is feasible and greatly improves the visual quality. One benefit of using a 3080. But another thing that would make flying in VR so much more enjoyable is being able to access the map. Is there any way to get the navigation map to pop up in the headset while flying a set route? Can I map it to hotas? Or is this impossible? I only seem to be able to turn on the green waypoints which is not great for immersion. I just would like to be able to hit a button and have the map pop up especially when flying in the Cessna.

    Another item that I hope we can have is stronger lighting. Close to ground the lighting looks pretty good at night. If there is a way we can pump up the volume at 3,500 ft. it would look fantastic. Right now night flying is really lackluster because of this.

    Thank you!