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  • Why Aerofly has no update from Navigraph like other flight sim? I will be more useful and in this way could be imported routes from SimBrief also. All the flight sim use Navigraph, FSX does. Why Aerofly live in their own world? The sim must be IMO an open world, and not a box. Guess this what does a flight sim to be popular. ?(

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    Aerofly needs to run on all kinds of platforms and entirely offline and the default navigation database should not cost money for the user in form of a monthly subscription. Unfortunately this is quite a niche feature for only a small group of power users which is why this is not implemented yet. We aim to make the default product as good as possible without external dependencies and this feature would not benefit 99% of customers. Features like these also require constant maintenance on our side to keep it working which takes away development time elsewhere.

    As far as I know FSX doesn't have that as default feature either, I think that comes with mods. But I could be wrong.
    In my personal opinion this feature alone is not going to affect popularity.

  • Well plugin or not, I mean even X Plane 11 has a plugin installed for Navigraph chart, but the question is : How real do you wanna make a simulator if it isn t real, or as much close to reality? There are a lot a simmers that prefer to spend time to program a route, as closer to reality (that s why is a simulator for), and not only to sit 3 to 10 hours in front af monitor pc looking at the cockpit. The beautiful stay in details . But... repeat : this is only my opinion. And belive me, it will affect in time the popularity, because more a project is open source, more are interested in. That s why FSX was so popular, that s why MSFS and X- plane is so popular. The only reason I buy Aerofly FS 4 was for the Airbus 320 from Aerosoft. And that s why are on the market flight simulators, and there are also flight games. Now I don t say that Aerofly is in the second category, but somewere in the middle right now.

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    Ok, you're saying neither FSX nor X-Plane support that feature by default but we should?

    Aerosoft didn't make the A320 for Aerofly FS 4, we purchased the model many years ago and our designers spent dozens if not hundreds of hours to improve the model to our standards. And then thousands of hours of my colleges and me have been spent to add all the features that you see today. Everything that moves or has any function was done by us, all the systems coding, the physics, the animations, the sounds all done by IPACS and not by Aerosoft.

  • Ok, you're saying neither FSX nor X-Plane support that feature by default but we should?

    Aerosoft didn't make the A320 for Aerofly FS 4,


    Hwo said that? I said that Aerosoft made A320 for FSX not for Aerofly. Maybe english is not my native language, and I apologize for this, but I never said that. In fact, I know very wel the Airbus X 320 from Aerosoft, I buy it in 2015 for FSX , and I repeat: I buy AF 4 , because I found the Airbus X here also. It was a surprise to me to see the same logo of Aerosoft in the cockpit ! But never said that