FS4 for Australia

  • For Australia, the images- and elevtion-files from FS2 can also be adopted for FS4. For the airports- and places-files there is unfortunately no SDK yet, so that these cannot be converted yet.

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  • I added the images and it looks nice, obviously no airports etc.

    No cultivation, right?

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  • No cultivation, AF say about FS2 scenery in FS4:

    • Aircraft are not compatible
    • Cultivation files are not compatible
    • Airports are not compatible
    • Buildings and structures are not compatible
    • Images and elevation data are compatible (see note below)

    I'm on a Mac and used the steam directory, may have been a bad idea, also the AU scenery didn't have an elevation folder so I am not sure about that.

    n.b. I am very new to AF, I bought it only a few days ago after much research, I wanted the super fast loading, speed and M1 support, super happy so far as FS4 is early days, so I am also tempering my expectations 😀. And I am tempted to give my first born for super quality AU scenery ...

  • FYI for Mac users I moved my images from the steam path "/Users/MYUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator/scenery/images" into what I guessed on Mac to be the correct directory "/Users/MYUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 4/scenery/images" and it worked.