Just a little help :)

  • Hey guys!

    Hope youre doing well hehe :)

    I‘m new on this lovely community!

    Thats why i have sooo many questions and my apologies…

    Just some questions…. Thanks soo much to those who would answer it <3

    1. How do you change the camera views? To for example another wing view? Or cockpit view more higher view?
    2. How do I convert fo example Morocco airports or sceneries?
    3. How do I convert liveries?

    Thats it!

    I have soo many questions and Im not that good in English im just 15….

    But if you need any helps in photoshops or on social media just dm me (I have more then 100k on YT and im a photographer and video/photo editor) ^^

    Thanks for reading!

    Wish you a nice week!


    - Zyad :P