Memory swap on M1 iPads possiblilitys

  • Hi apple is finally giving us a new graphics engine/API called metal 3 plus a new Memory swap witch finaly gives us the use and availability of all of the ram. So can we finaly get all of the high end pc graphics and features on the M1 ipads.? Is that going to happen.? please let me know thank you so much and happy Labor Day everyone😊

  • My M1 Pro MacBook Pro needs a bit of fan around high density areas (3D buildings, trees, HiRes, endless view). Ok it is at 24°C by now, the fan might be almost useless at 19° C, I’ll see.

    But an iPad Pro M1 without fan and stuffed in its case should slow down to master its internal temperature.

    Desktop quality not yet, but quite better than it is today yes. I hope so. But I don’t think it will happen this year.

    The Virtual Memory Swap in iPadOS 16 comes in October 2022 and should allow the usage of 16 GB of virtual RAM whatever your M1 device.

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