Suggestion for Aerofly FS 2023

  • Pro Aerofly FS 2023 came perfect, few things are missing, you just need to add some new aircraft, like the main one being the B737-800, add some regions like the South-East of Brazil and the Region of Australia so we can make longer flights, could add some way to update the simulator's AIRAC because for those who make flight plans by official websites and real flight charts and quite laborious because AIRAC is quite outdated, I needed to add a system to change the Bariometric Pressure too, put a new system random radio just to not be a total silence on the flight, with the possibility to increase and decrease the volume of the radio, and please correct the problem of not being able to insert fixed in the FMS and FMS of some planes, the Dash Q-400 is with a serious problem in the FMS, the B-737-500 is also having the same problem, I believe that some other aircrafts too, the A380 cannot make a flight plan using the MCDU, please, they are so close to the foot This meal is missing some small things to improve like the ones I just mentioned, thank you for your attention! IPACS Support