• This is the best aerobatic simulator out there, especially in VR, for full scale acro pilots such as myself to memorize sequences with, practice positioning, etc. The flight dynamics, including stalls, snaps and spins, are good enough with the Pitts, Jungmeister and Extra to be useful. Two things only it lacks: the ability to put up a custom form B or C on the panel, as in VR it's much harder to reference a second monitor or a piece of paper. Also, the ability to place IAC boxes on the ground anywhere. I believe there were addons in AFS2, but it sure would be nice if these features were built in.

  • You refere to my addons. 😀

    For the Extra I have an update for FS4. But I still need to compile the plane to get my aresti sequence into the cockpit.

    For the Aerobatic boxes I still wait for the scenery sdk. Currently the box marker are pointing all into the same direction, so I cannot release it. If you need a specific box, just tell me the location.

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2/4:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower