FS4 will take the VR crown

  • I have to give credit to the IPACS team. I’ve installed the full update and the sim looks absolutely stunning in VR. Despite the lack of fanfair by the larger flight sim community, I can confidently say that neither xplane or msfs can touch the visual quality and pure enjoyment I’ve experienced with FS4 in VR. The addition of a functioning navigational map in the cockpit, and improved night lighting and scenery resolution gets me really excited for the future of the sim. Anyone that says the sim looks outdated is just not paying attention to what has been accomplished here, especially with VR flight. There are places I’ve flown that have tricked my brain into thinking it was the real deal. I love the injection of automated planes and all the other mission/career features. People will eventually catch on and maybe even some of the flight sim community YouTubers will upload videos showing how good VR looks. If they don’t, screw them! They probably are shills anyway. Please keep going! Please keep listening to your fans and making incremental improvements. You guys have done a phenomenal job so far!

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  • Flying the Blackhawk in vr, HP reverb G2, is just awesome. (Just like any other plane)

    The sense of “being there” is unbelievable.

    Thanks Ipacs….

    "The sense of being there"...I can't agree more. I fly only the Heli's and my favorite place to fly is in Europe, especially Switzerland, Austria and Innsbruck, swiss alps etc. I don't fly VR because it gives me bad vertigo, but nonetheless its like being in Europe for real sometimes. I get so absorbed I forget I'm flying a SIM sometimes. What an awesome SIM IPACS has created. :love:

  • I can confirm AFS is really a piece of magic.
    In fact, returned a few months ago in XP and MSFS due to better adequacy with my goals: I fly only rotorcraft, in VR, and I need to perform IFR navigation skills with Garmin GNS or GTN. And with a fake FMC, EC135 in AFS is gretaly limiting "my" power of realistic training.

    But a week ago, I change my graphic card from rtx 3080 to 4090.

    Stutters still present in XP, rotorcraft flight model still non existant in MSFS (but in evolution), I came back to AFS and pushed all in ULTRA in VR.

    And it was like a discovery.
    Stunning environnement, unmatched fluidity in VR (10ms per frame in Ultra, just : unbeatable !) and an excellent rotorcraft flight model.

    For sure, again, I miss navigation options for real life training (Navigraph, GNS, GTN, real weather...).

    We must admit none of us have the same expectations and none of them (aka simulators) fulfill our desires, but for a long moment, I will trade this missings in AFS for a unique awesome pleasure of flying. Thanks IPACS to be there.

    French Simer and Helicopter / Airplane Private pilot

    Conf: AMD 5800x3D 32G Nvidia RTX4090 / Hardware cockpit with G1000 Simionic PFD MFD, OEXAM EC135 Cyclic, OEXAM Collective and pedals. Hotas Thrusmaster / WMR HP Reverb G2