FS4 will take the VR crown

  • I have to give credit to the IPACS team. I’ve installed the full update and the sim looks absolutely stunning in VR. Despite the lack of fanfair by the larger flight sim community, I can confidently say that neither xplane or msfs can touch the visual quality and pure enjoyment I’ve experienced with FS4 in VR. The addition of a functioning navigational map in the cockpit, and improved night lighting and scenery resolution gets me really excited for the future of the sim. Anyone that says the sim looks outdated is just not paying attention to what has been accomplished here, especially with VR flight. There are places I’ve flown that have tricked my brain into thinking it was the real deal. I love the injection of automated planes and all the other mission/career features. People will eventually catch on and maybe even some of the flight sim community YouTubers will upload videos showing how good VR looks. If they don’t, screw them! They probably are shills anyway. Please keep going! Please keep listening to your fans and making incremental improvements. You guys have done a phenomenal job so far!