CTD in some South American areas

  • Hello,

    I did notice that, without any addon or ortho image, I get a CTD each time I want to explore in "start location map" the area between Santiago de Chile and Ushuaia on the West side of South America (Does not happent on the east Coast from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires...)

    This is disturbing as AFS4 starts again in the same area and I cannot choose another start location

    Fortunately despite this issue, without using the map I can start my flight but I have have to fly far away to the east to get rid of the problem !

    Does somebody have the same issue ?

    Kind regards


  • Happens to me too.

    When you focus on Colombia and start to zoom in image freezes and then you get a CTD

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for answering Jan

    Here is the upload of two renamed main.mcf files

    One called "main_aftercrash.mcf" : this file was after a crash using the location map in the area

    The other called "main_startingfromcrash.mcf" : starting a flight from the location where the sim did crash using the location map

    I hope to be clear : using the map in this area brings the sim to crash /CTD but I still can start a flight from the location where the map made the sim crash. Indeed I cannot use the location map to leave the area because using the map makes the sim crash again

    Kind regards


  • Thank you Jan,

    sorry, with version the problem is still present

    Zooming at a higher factor crashes the sim.

    Maybe the update is not yet active, as it shows:

    It happens here, shortly after further zooming in:

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • I don't know if it helps that I don't have the problem on my Mac. (STEAM beta

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