Multiple Joysticks

  • Is there a way to use multiple HOTAS-type Joysticks together? Here is what I am trying to do: I have a Proflight Puma Helicopter controls set, and I use it for both Helicopters and Fixed wing. I would like to be able to have some stick re-centering forces when flying the fixed wing aircraft, but the Helicopter controls do not re-center. I wondered if I could use the pedals and/or collective/throttle from the Puma and an old Wingman joystick I had, that also has a twist stick rudder and throttle slider attached, but I'd only want to use it for the stick portion? It doesn't seem I am able to, but I wonder how people buy just pedals or just a stick and combine them. Do they plug into a central tie and then into one USB? Or can you use multiple together and assign or unassign some functions?


  • Thanks. I see in the controls section where I can use both and see yellow and green sliders differentiating between the inputs that are registering, but I can’t see how to disable certain functions of each. For example, if I let go of the puma cyclic stick, it leans forward, and even though the other wingman control stick is also registering, when I go into the game, the puma cyclic is still the main control and the stick stays forward on the plane even if I pull back on the other stick. I’d like to disable that portion of the puma but still retain the puma pedals. How do you disable portions?

    Thank you