When will appear Aerofly 2023 and what will be new?

  • 2020 is an old sim, it’s not likely to get updated since 2021 and 2022 have come out in that time since.

    I think he meant fs2022,and i don't think an update to fs2022 is necessary,because all the bugs and missing features will probably be fixed in aerofly fs2023 which is expected to be released in 2 months.

  • I would like to see what was taken out of AF2022 (which was in AF2021) put back in AF23. I have to use AF21 for London scenery. I have to fly AF22 to fly around Europe and for the night lighting. I would expect AF23 to have everything that AF21/22 has. In addition to that, I want additional new features. AF23 has to have new features / scenery that AF21/22 does not have. Otherwise, it will only be what AF22 should have been in the first place. (To end on a positive note. I’m very grateful to IPacs for investing their time and money on what is in fact, an amazing sim. 😊 )

  • I want to see a weather system, rain especially, wing vortex, heathaze from engines, tyre smoke when landing heavy, maybe add a few birds flying around. I would also like an option so the pilot could track the airport so it stays centred in the cockpit view instead of having to swipe left/right/up/down to keep it visible. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head but that'll do for now.

    I totally agree. I think that there should be less focus on new planes, and more on weather systems. What is the point of flying without weather? 8o

  • All I want is a 737, A330, A350, free cam and yes Weather, the clouds are making me iffy if I think they should look better or if their good enough looking, also when the clouds are set to lowest, they clip through the ground which is very unrealistic.