Everyday should end with an FS4 sunset

  • It’s really something to behold in VR. It’s more dynamic then I could have ever imagined from Aerofly. I’ve always considered xplane as having the best lighting around sunset. It felt perfect and brought an unforgettable feeling to VR flight. But the lighting at sunset in FS4 at the very least duplicates that feeling, and I’d say tops it in many ways. This is especially evident in mountainous regions, where shadows take effect. I have them set to insane, and they really are. The fiery tones of the sun setting on the horizon, the pop of street lights from small cities and towns is amazing. It looks perfect guys. And reason alone to make the switch from FS2. I’m a believer.

    A few VR snapshots. Departure from Albertville, LFKA 18:50