Original FS and 2160 doesn't work. Thread is SORTED :-)

  • At 2160 I get the central approximately 74% (?) of the screen stretched to fill the frame. it is obvious with the centre portion only start page. It works full screen at 1600 but it is soft as if the monitor is interpolating/resizing the image and there is a really big screen blink when I exit '1600 Aerofly FS'. I presume the monitor is switching back to 2160 from 1600?

    I searched the forum and online and cannot find any help. My other PC Aeroflys are brilliant at 2160. My GPU % usages at 60fps are in the 60s to 70s at ultra/trees 1 in the other two.

    I tried 30 fps in graphics and tried windowed and sync on and off. Lowest settings did not help.

    I edited in a Duchess seat height increase and have some scenery objects added to FS.

    Please Help me, please!

  • Thanks Jan, here are the pics, I see that the 1800 full screen FS is saved as a small image even though it fills the 2160 screen. Again FS2 and FS4 are normal.

    They are at 50% size because of the 3000x3000 pic limit.

    Fullscreen startup, 1800.

    Fullscreen flying. 1800.

    2160 selected startup.

    2160 startup. Screenshot to demonstrate the 2160 display in use.

    2160 Flying.

    2160 flying screenshot showing a 2160 display in use.

    Any help will be very much appreciated Jan, thanks again.

  • 2 and 4 are really nice, I do use them, FS1 just has a nice purity, it flows smoothly and the graphics are consistently excellent, there are no less detailed 'off the beaten track' soft areas with reduced resolution or quality.

    2160/60 is on the menu, do you think there might be a relatively easy edit somewhere, it accepts 2160 but just blows up the centre like a cropped picture.

    Zooming out at 2160 gives severe rectilinear/wide angle distortion a bit like a very wide angle lens. It does work at 2160 but it needs the centre enlargement turned off.

    It behaves as if the monitor is 2920P.

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  • I also like to use FS(1) from time to time because it has both a motor glider and winch launch 😁 - both of which I miss in the newer versions.🥺

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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