Andorra and the Pyrenees - from Lourdes to Alicante; Hola and Bonjour! :)

  • I know it's not Christmas yet, but I did it anyway: seamlessly closing Spain's east coast to my older work. :)

    This is, what exact NOW you can get:

    There are two download sites ( Part 1 & 2 ).

    Please read the description of the special features carefully! I know it takes a little work to have everything perfect, but trust me - it's worth it!

    The area around Lourdes is in 0,5m/pixel and Barcelona have a 0,5m/pixel area around the airport and harbor and additionally have Barcelona a big area around Barcelona in 1m/pixel resolution.

    All is ( as always ) seamless restored from me. No country-borders eg. between France and Spain. If I overlooked an error, I can always fix it later.

    Many screenshots on the both download pages.

    Hope, you like it.

    Out now on Filebase -

    Donation for restoration ( if you think I should continue my work )


    Hope, you like it. :)

  • Please don't forget to give a donation!

    I'm selfemployed, you know?

    What do you here see, are many months of work in fulltime!

    I'm the onlyest man of the world, doing this job.

    Please, don't forget me, or i will be homeless.

    I am serious.

    I see many downloads and not ONE Cent!


  • When i download dlc, i will praise it and say thank you. I am willing to pay for documents that interest me. I click this page. The author has a grand plan. IPACS has very limited time. So for AF, these individual creators are very valuable. I admire the great moral character, but I feel sorry for those who did not pay attention to the payment request. These photos look beautiful, and they cover a large area. The harvest comes at a price. If I am the creator, it is worthwhile to use payment unlock, and it must be a normal process

  • I can't officially sell my stuff because it's a legal "grey area" in terms of copyright. The pictures are my own works of art and have nothing to do with the original - but the basis is Google, Bing etc.

    Or to put it another way: If I were officially working for IPACS, they wouldn't be able to pay me for my work at all. Nobody can do that. Restoring an entire country like Germany or Bella Italia would take a year and cost around €56,000.

    That's why I can only offer my work here on a donation basis.

  • Wie ist denn der Kontostand?

    X-Plane 12.x | DCS 2.5.7 | War Thunder | Aerofly FS4

    Win11-x64 | Lenovo Legion T7 34LMZ5 | Intel i7-10700K @3.6GHz | Kingston FuryX RGB 32GB DDR4 PC3733 | 6TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro | 3TB M2 PCI 4x | Gigabyte RTX 3070 Ti Vision OC | TM Hotas Warthog | Saitek Combat Pedals | Reverb G2 V2 | Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 360hz

  • Wie ist denn der Kontostand?

    Katastrophal. Ich bin seit zwanzig Jahren selbständig - geht immer hoch und runter. Das ist der Grund, warum ich hier so einen Output habe: Immer, wenn es nicht so dolle läuft, mach ich Landschaften. ;( ^^

  • Have you ever thought of joining some development groups?Or seek cooperation with others

    Yes, i did. The Team was called IPACS. ^^ ;)

    There was interest, but it was not possible to implement it economically. That's why I can only offer this work here on a donation basis.