Flight controlls

  • Hello,

    when Windows see`s your input hardware ( joysticks, pedals, cyclic etc. )
    the chance is nearly 100% that FS2 and FS4 can use it with no problems. ( see my signature link )

    Qhen you want to use moving seats ... eg. 3 dof...4... 5 6dof thats a problem I think ...

    I didnt get it ... to move my cockpit, till now

    mfg, Jens ... Flight-Sim.org

    Mein Home-Cockpit ... My Simulator Hardware

    MSI PRO Z690-P DDR4 --- SI INTEL Core i7-13700F 2.1GHz LGA1700 Tray --- Palit RTX4070 JetStream 12GB DDR6 --- 16GB DDR4 PC4400 --- SSD Patriot 1TB M.2 Viper VP4300 --- Pimax Crystal

    Alles fliegt irgendwie,
    fragt sich nur wielange