Just a few questions

  • Good evening all.

    Since i'm quite new to the forum, i'm asking these questions without knowing if anyone already asked it.

    Do you guys at IPACS ever thought of contacting Navigraph and see if their API could work with your simulator ?

    It would allow people (like me) to have :

    - up-to-date waypoints, maybe even airways (which would be MUCH easier for us when doing longer flights)

    - Simlink by Navigraph. Basically this little app allows the Navigraph Charts app to read the position and to show it in their integrated charts.

    These features are really useful for people like me who tend to recreate day-to-day airline operations and airliner familiarization.

    Also when i joined, i saw a thread somewhere talking about the possibility of loading/unloading and refuel/defuel the planes, is it still something being worked on ? any update on that ?

    AFS4 is a very good sim, but by adding these two features, it would allow it to grow even further, for example the refuel/defuel would be amazing as it would allow us to fly the longest routes the airlines can offer (let's take for example the Lufthansa route from Frankfurt to Gran Canaria) and be flown without having halfway the fuel qty indicating 0 KG (mainly talking about the A320 here).

    Waiting for an answer

    Have yourselves a great day


    Kind Regards,