• I'm addicted, I can't stop flying that EC-135. It's all I fly in the SIM now. But, I have a question....?

    What does that flashing "UL" icon in the horizon bubble mean and what's it for...? It goes away sometimes :/ It doesn't indicate on the Aero Fly FS wiki page anything about it...?

  • Hello, I've found what I think it means through a training manual

    "Optionally, the system can be equipped with an upper limit, which

    indicates that the helicopter has passed a selected altitude from below.

    The upper limit is typically connected to the barometric pressure and

    is indicated at the PFD. Optional, the UL may be connected to the radar

    altimeter system and can operate up to radar altimeter range 2500 ft."

  • UL = upper limit. It's a radar altitude reminder or radar altitude alerter.

    The upper limit is set with the DH knob in the display controller in the pedestal.

    • Push the DH knob in the pedestal to set the cursor to the UL field on the navigation display.
    • Then rotate the DH knob to adjust the upper limit value.