Direction of takeoff / landing

  • I noticed the AI traffic is doing landings and takeoffs I do not understand.

    This morning I had the wind set to 130° (real world direction the wind is coming from at ESTA), and was on my downwind leg right next to ESTA 14 heading 300°, when I noticed a C172 right next to me taking off into direction 140° I planned to do my landing from. So this C172 was starting with a tailwind (while I planned to land with a headwind). If not for procedures I would have had a good chance for a head-on collision.

    I later on checked the AI traffic at EKCH, and in AFS4 they all lined up for 22L for landing (as they do in real life right now); the wind in the simulation was still set to 130°, real wind at EKCH was 240°. So actually these AI planes landed into the real-world wind, but with a cross wind regarding the AFS4 settings.

    Is it possible that aircraft in AFS4 ignore the general wind direction? Or am I doing it wrong? Whenever an AI plane ruins my carefully set up approach, I feel like on of us should be reported to the FAA. ;)