NAVDATA from 2013????

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    Is the NAVDATA in the Sim really from 2013?

    On the "ABOUT" page of AFFS4 it says Navdate from NAVTECH 2013.

    I began wondering when I saw that west of cologne (EDDK) the NAVAID (NVO) was not present but the old one (NOR) is still there which has been exchanged mor than half a decade ago.

    Then I looked for waypoints, other navaids etc. and found that nothing is from 2022 nor 2021 or so.

    I fully understand that updating and keeping all this stuff is a bit too much maybe for this sim and its userbase, but an almost 10 year old database in 2022 as base navdata?

    Man that is way too old IMO.

    Rgds, PC

  • It looks like many working database waypoints in Aerofly are based on local VOR radials and distances instead of true bearings or individual latitude and longitude positions so if during the preparation of the database an individual VOR got its after a number of years magnetic variation update, those linked waypoints would re-locate!

    If we try to actually navigate using a chart to a geographical feature in the western U.S. we need to add three degrees to the track because of the higher easterly magnetic variation of the old database, it is variable around Europe.

    To try and plot a course referenced to an Aerofly VOR you really need to know the VOR’s variation in use at the time of the database and the difference from that used in current charts! In a way it gives some uncertainty to the sim, VORs are never that precise and derived locations should presume some degrees of tolerance but ! it should be random not in the same direction every time.

    User editable nav aids and waypoints could fix this especially if corrections could be shared, reported errors do not get updated and there must be at least tens of thousands of errors world wide.

    The nav aids in MSFS were editable in Windows NotePad!

    The waypoint ALCAT is defined as OAK 289/12.5 and SFO radial 331 (rounded to a whole degree, 289.18/12.53 & 330.83 exactly) on the Oakland 12 localiser. Here is at ALCAT even though the nav display shows it a mile ahead (there are 3 overlapping waypoints), the VOR needles show the 289 (180 + 109) and 331 (180 + 153) radials and the OAK DME is 12.5 nm. To get a useful position using fixes the OAK fix needed to be entered as 292 and the SFO fix entered as 334 degrees, both plus three degrees to work with the Aerofly database.

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