Aerofly FS 4 - UH-60 and East Coast Expansion Now Available

  • Hello,

    Why people always have to think that additional modules always have to be free is beyond me.

    When I buy a product, I buy it in the condition in which it was sold and then I can't tell later what I hoped or wished for but didn't receive...

    The only thing I would like to recommend IPACS is that you could offer individual planes, helicopters etc. as DLC. However, I don't know to what extent this is even possible.

    In addition, you are all old to know what the product contains when you buy it, do your research properly and then you will not be disappointed. You don't have to buy a product on the first day, you can get enough information about it in today's media. I think it's wrong to complain afterwards.

    Accept the purchased goods as they are offered and don't always complain about what you think IPCAS has to deliver afterwards for free!..

    You don't work for free for additional hours worked, do you?!...





    Warum die Leute immer meinen zu müssen, das Zusatzmodule immer gratis sein müssen ist mir schleierhaft.

    Wenn ich ein Produkt kaufe so kaufe ich es so wie es im verkauften Zustand ist und kann dann später nicht erzählen was ich wie erhofft oder gewünscht, aber nicht erhalten habe...

    Zudem seid Ihr alle alt um zu wissen was das Produkt beinhaltet wenn Ihr es kauft, informiert Euch richtig und dann seit Ihr auch nicht enttäuscht. Man muss ein Produkt nicht gleich am ersten Tag kaufen sondern kann sich in den heutigen Medien umfassend genug darüber informieren. Meckern im nachhinein halte ich für falsch.

    Das einzige was ich IPACS empfehlen möchte ist, dass man einzelne Flugzeuge, Helikopter etc. als DLC anbieten könnte. Inwiefern das allerdings überhaupt möglich ist weiss ich nicht.

    Nehmt die gekaufte Ware an wie es angeboten wird und meckert nicht immer was IPCAS nach Eurer Meinung im nach hinein gratis abzuliefern hat!..

    Ihr arbeitet ja auch nicht gratis für zusätzliche geleistete Arbeitszeit, oder?!...

    Froher Gruss


  • Ipacs put time and effort into something new - another helicopter. Now they want to sell it to those who do not own the expansion pack. Sounds fair to me. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Maybe if the heli was sold as standalone. Making you buy the whole expansion pack to get it is ridiculous and definitely not fair imho. I just got 2x heli’s for free with the other sim’s update. Just saying….

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  • Well I do not expect all modules to be free, in this case it is more about it was slightly unclear that the Deluxe edition would be needed to receive any additional modules in the future. And having separate DLCs with only a particular aircraft would be nice iindeed (as I do not want any fixed wings myself).

    Hopefully IPACs will provide updates to the existing models such as the EC135 and R22 as well.

  • Hello,

    Why people always have to think that additional modules always have to be free is beyond me.

    it is obvious that the two package FS4 is not a fully matured product and much more is bound to be delivered from it. The significantly expanded scenery is very pretty however the planes can reasonably be expected to offer more variety and greater technical development.

    If you do buy a reduced specification, reduced price option then the expectation should be self evident.

  • Thank you for adding the east coast airports! I think adding airports is a great way to grow the sim...

    Question? I noticed that only 2 of the 3 BOS Bravo airspace airports were added... Was there a reason to omit KOWD?